Welcome to Shalimar's



Due to a dance engagement

and the Easter Holiday -
The beginner and advanced classes

for Sunday, April 13th and 20th

are cancelled and will resume

Sunday, April 27th -

See you all then!

Come Join our

Beginner classes !!!

Ongoing enrollment - join up now!

Click on the beginners tab on the left for information.


Open up your arms, throw back your head and breathe in the music.

          Let it flow through your veins filling your heart and soul with the energy of life.

 Now breathe it out through your dance giving back a whirliwnd of

        energy which surrounds those who watch and which fills their

         spirits with a sense of joy. 

 Dance as one until the music is done...

                           This is life.....this is love....this is why I dance.

copyright 3/21/00 by Shalimar use without permission strictly prohibited.


Join my class and become part of

the colorful world of

 flowing veils and melodic finger cymbals.


My classes are fun -

informative -

and friendly!


We meet once a week for a fun 1 hour of

dance - dance - dance!

Click the "contact me" button on the left if

you are interested in having me teach a demo class, bachelorette party, workshop, etc.




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